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Quality Greens is committed to helping you live healthier…

We are pleased to partner with registered Dietician Selena Devries of Heathbean Nutrition .

Selena Devries is an Integrative Registered Dietitian using food as medicine to redefine your health.   She applies a fresh approach to healthy living that encompasses the whole person by integrating mind, body wellness so you can feel that best you’ve ever felt. Selena provides nutrition coaching services, specializes in digestive health and promotes healthy living within the community by holding wellness events.


Visit www.healthbean.ca for more information on Selena’s services


October is Non GMO Awareness Month

What is GMO?

GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) refer to the plants or animals created through the gene slicing techniques of biotechnology. They are foods created by merging DNA from different species.

GMO crops, when first introduced, were touted as the answer to world hunger. The argument was that by developing pesticides and herbicide resistant crops, farmers would be able to increase their yields and decrease costs. This has mot proven to be the case. Instead, bugs and weeks have become resistant to the widespread applications of these chemicals, leading to increased use of both. More spraying means more costs for the farmers, more damage to the environment and more health concerns.

For more information visit http://www.nongmoproject.org/learn-more/



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