The daffodils that have sprung up around our city are also the flower of the Canadian Cancer Society.  I want to just take a moment to mention an organization that is like no other.   It is called InspireHealth.  InspireHealth provides absolutely free supportive cancer care in the areas of nutrition, exercise, counselling, and medical questions answered in an attempt to improve one’s lifestyle and reduce stress and create empowerment and connection.  If you, or someone you know has a cancer diagnosis, please check them out as the clinics are in Kelowna, Victoria, and Vancouver.  The website is


For those with a cancer diagnosis, an area often of concern is usually a re-evaluation of diet and what foods to add or remove.  The question “what the heck should I eat?” can be a stressful one.  This is where some guidance to navigate both the “world of google” and the opinions of many, can helpful.  There are a number of options, and different things that each work for a different number of people.  


Who is to say what will or won’t be a good change to make?  Using how you feel and what gives you energy as a sign, aim for easy to digest, natural and nutrient dense foods generally.  


However, depending on many variables, some of the healthiest foods may not be the best options for some people.  Maybe you need low fibre, or low carb or low protein option?  Or maybe there is a need for cooked food instead of raw for easier digestion.  Or maybe foods are not at all of interest, but fuel and rebuilding is very important during stressful times, so eating when you don’t want to or feel up to it can be a challenge as well.


What some people don’t realize is that being too focused on being perfect with food choices can create an opposite effect due to the stress involved.  While eating healthy is helpful, if there is stress around being 100% strict with hard rules, and not taking time to be relaxed and enjoy food, can cause a challenge of its own.  There is a balance between eating well and the joy of eating.


There are times when being gentle and supportive with yourself, as that alone can be one of the healthiest things you can do.


In general, aim to eat as well as you can, get support through friends, and InspireHealth, if that works for you.  Plan to have fun in most things that you do, and make sleep a priority.   Those items can make a huge difference for many people.


Thank you,



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