Whole body challenges and whole food solutions

Often when we have health challenges, we look at them as isolated issues.  Rarely is that the case.  Certainly when you have an injury such as fall, a head injury, or broken bone or torn shoulder, we have a specific area in need of healing.  However, the whole body is involved, even with those specific injuries.  The ability to heal optimally has much to do with how strong or weak your body’s systems are.

How can one’s body help with an injury like a broken bone?  Many ways!  Digestion which helps us to extract nutrients from our foods make a huge impact on how much minerals (like calcium), as well as amino acids and fatty acids that contribute to our resources for healing and rebuilding.  You microbiome is also an area that contributes to your body’s resources, in many ways that we do not understand yet.  Your immune system makes sure that inflammation and repair supporting materials are brought to the area, and it also makes sure infection does not become an issue if there is a potential for invaders to develop.  Lymph moves wastes from the injury site out of the area.  Your circulatory system makes sure that blood and nutrients get to the areas that are needed to be repaired.  There are many other ways that each of our systems are helpful, but you get the idea - they are all important to be able to heal and get back to (or find!) your optimal self.

So, what about health in general?  It is the same idea.  Making sure we take in good quality whole and natural foods, have optimal digestion to make use of the much needed nutrients and materials (like fibre and water) we need to extract from those good foods.  When our foods are poor quality and/or our digestion is weak and not taking full advantage of the items in those good foods, any of our body systems can become less productive and weak.

I work with people with a cancer diagnosis as well as kids with autism and ADHD.  Those are certainly examples where we know whole body systems are important to support.  I also have helped people with brain injury, stroke, cardiovascular, skin, blood sugar, chronic fatigue, digestive issues and anxiety/depression.  Even though these all have different starting points, supporting all systems is the end goal.  Whole foods (nutrients), water, movement, and relaxation are 4 pillars to health.  Add to that friends, family, hugs, and sense of purpose and you have a robust plan!

If you struggle with a health issue, try looking at which foods and beverages you are currently including in your diet would be an optimal contributor to strengthen your systems.  Which foods and beverages may not be contributing but rather degrading?  Try making one change and see in a few weeks if you notice a difference.  Some of the biggest clues are how digestion is going and how well you sleep and what your energy levels are like.

Your local Quality Greens markets makes finding more whole foods options very easy and those foods are incredibly fresh and delicious!

Have a great week!


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