I’m always open to suggestions for areas to write on.  I’ve got many areas of interest, which are very exciting for me, but not sure if others would share my interest.  Topics such as how brain health is affected by toxins .  Or how biochemical reactions like methylation and sulfation can vastly improve health.  Related to those 2 areas is how broccoli sprouts are easy to make and a great way to increase sulforaphane for cancer fighting benefits as well as detoxification support.


The common thread above is toxins and detoxification.  I get passionate about environment and keeping the amount of toxins that we are exposed to down to as low of a level as possible.  We know toxins are around us, but we can do a great deal to have less in our homes, food, and lives.  We also have the power to literally detoxify every day, based on what we eat and drink. 


As we breath in air, drink and soak in water, wear clothes, and costume food, we have many areas we can approach to lessen our daily toxin exposure.  So, we work on taking in less toxins, and we eat detoxification supporting foods and drink water to help remove what we do end up taking in.


Buying food - options at the store:

Buy locally grown, less travel for the items purchased and thus less toxins due to less fuel and transit.


Buy in bulk or larger amounts of foods and put into smaller glass jars or containers at home instead of using the single serving containers like yogurt, cheese and crackers, etc.  Less packaging means less waste, even if it is recycled.


As mentioned here before, whole foods, come with a great amount of fibre and nutrients.  Fiber is one of your body’s best ways to remove toxins, feed good gut bacteria, and support your health at a cellular level.  The whole food options found at Quality Greens make shopping simple and quick to find ways to add in more plant based foods to your healthy eating plan while also reducing toxins environmentally.


Bringing it home - the plastics issue:

We’ve heard of single use plastics.  Those are the items we use one time and then recycle, or, toss in the garbage.  A big example would be those little thin bags for smaller product items, like lettuce, apples, etc.  Recycling is a great option, but even better is using less, or reusing these 1 time plastics, as that is much better for us and the planet due to less plastics all together.  


Most people are now using reusable main grocery bags, or even boxes.  Both of these options are used by Quality Greens! Just watch where you may find plastics still used where we can replace with more reusable and lower waste options.  Examples are nylon bags or even old t-shirts made into simple bags that can be reused for apples, lettuce, etc.  See where you may use 1 time use plastics and turn them into no use plastics.


Next week, I will go more into cleaner and personal care products which can be easily swapped for less to no toxin options.  These types of changes have provided relief to many who have had negative symptoms which linger until toxins are removed.  If you have symptoms and no explanation why, maybe cleaners or personal care products could be worth looking into, especially those with fragrance.



Have a great week,


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