The term squash includes a large group of different varieties of interesting shapes and sizes and flavours of the vegetable.  We know that leafy greens are an incredible source of antioxidants which help to keep us healthy, but squash are also a big contender in that area as well.  It’s now being recognized for it’s role in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support.  One cup of cooked squash can give you 59% of your daily recommended Vitamin A and 26% of your vitamin C.  Winter squash also has a respectable amount of B vitamins - great for stress balancing and nervous system support.

Cooking squash is actually very easy and quick - just steam 1 inch cubs for about 7 minutes.  Add butter or coconut oil or olive oil, a pinch of unrefined salt and you have a bowl of yum!  Roasting them take a bit longer but the caramelized favour is worth the few more minutes wait.  It’s important to add good quality fat (butter, coconut oil, olive oil) to squashes in order to best absorb that Vitamin A. 

With winter squashes, due to their hard shells, they can be stored a long time - 1 week to 6 months, so stock up and enjoy often!  The mildly sweet flesh is amazing when roasted or add to soups and other warm meals like chilli.  The roasted chunks are a yummy addition to salads.  I have to mention the deliciously moist chocolate cakes that can made with zucchini.  Veggies in your dessert - brilliant!   And don’t forget the seeds (not just pumpkin but also, spaghetti, butternut, hubbard, etc) which are all perfect for roasting with some unrefined salt and spices for a healthy and satisfying treat.  


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