Get ready to be surprised by a very modest veggie - cabbage! Cabbage contains approx 20 different flavonoids (AKA antioxidants), which help our cells to repair the daily damage that happens and is a key factor to improving many health issues.   
There are many varieties of cabbage, and all have health benefits, but I want to point out that the stunning red/purple cabbage. It is being specifically studied for cardiovascular health and it is an impressive source of sulphur and fibre, which is getting special attention for cancer prevention research.
The USDA shows cabbage to be the second most economical cooked veggie based on price per cup (potatoes came in first). That means for your dollar, cabbage is a nutritional bargain within your grocery budget.  
This time of year, gardens and local farms are brimming with fresh produce. Buying local and in season is so easy and important for getting the best value and nutrients in your meals. First, buying local means that there is very little transportation needed. This allows picking to be done at peak ripeness as there is no worry of spoiling like there is when adding a few days of travel to the produce. Picking at peak ripeness maximizes nutrient content. Also, there is the smaller environmental footprint, as well as waste, spoilage, etc, which can also affect the final cost. Eating in-season means we are in proper cycle with our environment which means better flavour, nutrition, value, less processing, less unnatural preserving and it is in harmony and balance with our community and nature.
Now, the fun part - eating!  Enjoy cabbage simply sliced thin and sauté lightly with a bit of apple and red wine vinegar and toss some feta in there.  Or finely chop and add it to you favourite salad to eat it raw.  If you have a juicer, cabbage juice is a well known digestive healer.  

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