This year, you will only find Kelowna-grown Asian Pears at Quality Greens! As we head into sweater weather, everything turns pumpkin flavoured. But what about a juicy fall fruit with a light flavour that pairs well with spices too? Asian pears are perfect for baking - try for yourself with one of these recipes!

1. Asian Pear Maple Crisp
Nothing says fall like a beautifully browned crisp with vanilla ice-cream. Asian pears replace apples in this twist on a classic favourite!









2. Asian Pear Pie
If you've eaten an Asian Pear, you know why they so beautifully replace apples in almost any recipe. Asian Pear Pie lifts the bar for comforting desserts.




3. Asian Pear Fritters

Top these beauties with cinnamon-sugar and feel the fall flavours melt with crispy beer batter. Like most fall desserts worth loving, this one is perfectly "peared" with ice-cream.




4. Asian Pear Upside Down Cake
Upside down cake holds a special place in our hearts - from the delicious cake to the soft and warm syrupy Asian Pears. 






Happy Thanksgiving & Enjoy!

Jo @ QG

Do you have a recipe you use locally grown produce in? Send it in with a picture! [email protected]



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