I’m always interested in trying to find ways to add in protein, fiber and healthy fats (and additional nutrients) into simple meals and snacks. One way to do that is by sprinkling a tablespoon of any seeds or nuts into salads, stirfrys, cereals, yogurts, smoothies, granola bars, you name it. Or just pop them right in your mouth!
A list of commonly used nuts and seeds are: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, ground flax, chia, hemp, cashews, almonds, just to name a few. These often don’t change the flavour of your foods much, but will add those important protein, fiber and healthy fats to your day.  
Why is adding protein, fiber and healthy fats something you’d be interested in?  Well, 2 pretty big reasons are that they can help to regulate blood sugar and support proper hormone levels, but they are also key in general health for their nutrients, which can be a great improvement for many people.  Next time you feel a bit “hangry” - try a handful of nuts/seeds and see how it can improve how you feel and give you a little boost to your day.  
Next week we will touch more on blood sugar and hormones and how/why whole foods can help naturally balance them, as that can be a common challenge for some.

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