Why does food matter in regards to all aspects of our lives?

I know that question may sound really annoying and raise up skeptic eyebrows.  

However as a nutritionist, foods and nutrients are what we look at and use for solutions to problematic and chronic symptoms that impair daily living. Below I'll give the big picture then we can go into health area details in the following weeks.   

We literally use what we eat each day to build our bodies and processes tomorrow. The quality and quantity of those foods determine the health of our cells which in turn creates the health of our tissues to our organs to our body systems to us. Add to that how each process in the body functions such as neuro transmitters for brain and mood, hormones, and enzymes that create reactions. There's lots of activities that occur under our skin and its important to make adjustments to foods as needed to allow these processes to optimally execute.  

Everyday more references and studies and personal stories point out how the foods we eat can improve health and lessen negative symptoms. Considering that junk or chemicals in our foods can produce unwanted result and reactions, where whole foods are showing to reduce and resolve numerous health challenges, it's worth taking a serious look at.   We all do our best, but knowledge helps us to do better.  

The main reason for this blog is to inspire and create excitement for taking where ever you are at and "just add 1 more" whole food to your day.  Once that is a habit for a few weeks or a month, add one more, and so on. As more whole foods are added you will likely notice common improvements such as better digestion, immune function, clearer thinking, improved skin, better blood markers such as cholesterol or blood sugars and less anxiety or mood challenges.  

At Quality Greens, finding great whole food options that are local and fresh as well as easy and quick to shop for, saves me time shopping so I can be in the kitchen making better meals. The referenced recipes also gives helpful ideas on new ways to try your regular veggies in a new exciting option.   

In the coming weeks we will look at common health challenges and review how whole foods can improve symptoms in those areas.

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