In this season of cold and flu, we are often looking to boost vitamin C to help our immune systems battle the mean bugs. One way to boost vitamin C is eating Kiwi.  Those cute fuzzy little fruits pack more vitamin C than a comparable sized orange.  The antioxidants are also important for reducing DNA damage to help keep your cell and body functions working optimally.  

You can eat the fuzzy peel, which is good for adding fibre and nutrients, but most peel the Kiwi to consume the inside fruit.

Kiwis are green with a sweet taste similar to strawberries and melons.  Perfect in salads, smoothies, or just on their own with a spoon to scoop out of the peel.  Wait to cut and slice them until just before consuming to keep them from going mushy.

Select kiwi like avocados.  They should be slightly firm for best ripeness, but if too firm, just let ripen with bananas on the counter.  Once they are overly soft, they can still be consumed, but may be best for things like smoothies.  Adding one to your day will add that extra serving of fruits to your total fruits and veggies!  

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