Why do we crave the things we know aren’t good for us? What is happening in our body?

In fact, we are caught up in a vicious cycle of blood sugar spikes and drops where excess insulin from high blood sugar drives the blood sugar down causing us to perhaps become shaky, tired or crave sweets. When we eat the sweets, our blood sugar spikes back up and we are back on the roller coaster.

This up and down is hard on the body, and can contribute to moodiness, stress, inflammation, cancer, heart disease, obesity, depression and immune system crashes. After too many calls for insulin, our cells stop listening. This is called insulin resistance, as the cells resist the request insulin is making to store glucose. This can result in type 2 diabetes. Insulin resistance is very much like the mom who yells at the kids to clean up. After a while, the kids tune out poor mom and nothing happens.

3 tips to help keep your blood sugar in a healthy range

  1. Reduce processed foods (sugar, flour) and increase whole foods, especially fibre filled vegetables.
  2. Balance carbs with proteins and fats in all meals and snacks to slow down release of sugars into the blood.
  3. Eat a balanced meal within a short time of waking up - before you ask your body to do work which can cause low blood sugar.

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**NOTE: If you are on diabetes medication, please talk to your Doctor before making big changes to your diet as monitoring of dosages is important due possible better natural blood sugar control.

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