December is almost upon us!  Where did this year go?  Time seems to have this way of moving fast and our schedules have a hard time keeping up to our daily to-do lists.  I know am not alone when I think of the added busy-ness that happens in the month of December, and good food choices can sometimes fall off the priority list. 

In the month of “oh so many food events", find little ways to add in boosts of veggies and fruits.  How can we find ways to make sure we are getting good quality nutrient-dense foods in times of too many things to do and so many less than optimal food options?  Make use of quick solutions like pre-packaged organic salads.  These bundles of whole food take the work of washing, chopping, and even bit of thinking off your to do list.  Enjoy the salads as-is or try any of these great additions:

  1. Nuts and seeds
  2. Your cheese of choice - feta, goat, blue
  3. Chopped apple, pears or mandarin oranges
  4. Pomegranate seeds or dried cranberries for colour 
  5. Sliced chicken breast, salmon or hard boiled egg
  6. Avocado slices

Mix it up and have a different salad everyday - using the same bagged salad base. It's easy, fast and you’ve got yourself a healthy meal as of the quickest things you’ll tackle all day.

By eating nutrient dense foods you give yourself added energy and will feel less tired and keep blood sugars in normal range which helps mood and health in general.  This can mean getting more of that to-do list done with all that added energy you get from your food! 

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