Well, here we are at March!  Hard to believe we are back to the month where the world changed.  This year has been so unique and odd at the same time. Sooo…. Time for something fun!  Interesting food facts!


The fact that there are foods that resemble visually the organ or body part that they help to support is something not everyone knows about, so I am going to share this here.  


Note, all foods support many areas, but some of these are so uncanny.  Here we go!



Carrots - when you see a cut round of carrot, the rings look like that of our eyes.  Beta-carotene has many eye benefits.  It reduces risk of cataracts and protects again muscular degeneration.  Also it is high in vitamin A which promotes eye health and protects vision and enhances blood flow to the eye.


Tomato - has 4 chambers just like our hearts.  Not to mention it is red as well :).  They are high in lycopene which has been shown to significantly lower the risk of stroke and its vitamin C is important for heart health.


Grapes - look like the small round aioli of our lungs.  Antioxidants help to reduce free radicals that can cause cancer, as well as balance immune system to reduce allergies.


Walnut - wrinkles and folds look identical to that of our brain.  Being high in omega 3, walnuts are an incredible brain food.


Kidney beans - looking like the human kidney, they are full of fibre and therefore help to remove waste from our bodies which lessen strain on the kidneys filter job.  With a large amount of nutrients and minerals they are just a good solid option for general health.


Celery - long like our bones, they are great source of sodium and they donate resources for our skeletal needs.  


Avocados and olives - they look like ovaries and they balance hormones with their good fats.


Sweet Potatoes - looking somewhat like your pancreas, their fibre helps to balance blood sugar.  


Banana - looks like a smile :).  Tryptophan in bananas, and many other foods, are used to create serotonin, which is an important neurotransmitter that helps to regulate mood.  


Onions - these look much like our body’s cells.  They support cell health by clearing waste out.  These beauties are extremely helpful in detoxifying and supporting your immune system to keep cells functioning optimally.


Ginger - the bulbous looking ginger can look like a stomach if you try really hard :).  The link to ginger and helping stomach issues is incredible.  It soothes stomach upsets like motion sickness, gas, diarrhoea, nausea and loss of appetite.  It also aids in digestion.  Making a simple tea from dropping a few slices into hot water is well known to help tummy woes.  And… grating some ginger up into curry and other dishes is wonderfully delicious!


Mushrooms - a sliced profile looks like the shape of our ears.  These are a great source of Vitamin D which is good for bones, and we have 3 tiny critical bones in our ears that transmit sound to our brain.  


There are more but those were the ones I thought were really interesting.  In short, all whole foods will have benefits to most of our body parts, some more specific than others, but with eating a wide variety you can’t go wrong.


You can find an amazing assortment of all of these foods at your local Quality Greens markets.


Have a great week!



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