Does anyone else feel like with the time change and the already lighter evenings that we are past a hurdle of the dark cold days and spring is really on it’s way…  We definitely need some light in our lives these days!
I’m feeling that there so many things I want to write about here, but I am stuck on the current situation that is looming in our news feeds, social media, conversations, and panic in the stores now.  It seems nutty to try and address other health issues when this one is such a big one and so “in your face”, where there is lots of worry and unknowns circulating around us.
I mentioned in last weeks blog just some of the things we can do food and lifestyle wise to help ourselves stay healthy and fight off pathogens.  We can very much empower our own immune system and increase our ability to tackle invaders.
Keep in mind, that your body and immune system are powerful forces.  Doing what you can to help your army of immune warriors be at their best is an important job you should take seriously for general health, at all times, and especially at these times.
There is a saying, The terrain is more important than the pathogen.  So if we focus on helping our bodies to support the army within, we can attempt to prevent illness as best we can.
Please see last week’s blog for ideas on foods as I am not going to repeat much from last week other than hope to give some calm ideas on what we can do.  Here are a few more thoughts to help give some calm to the storm.
Lessening stress in our lives, due to its impact on the immune system, is important when external challenges come up, like pathogens.  
As I see stories of the fear starting here in Canada, it is important to not fall into that panic.  
Stress does a number on most of our body functions, sleep, nervous system, digestion, reproduction, and immune are just some.  We need all of those functions for balance and health.  
Add in deep breathing, meditation, yoga or nature walks.  As simple as a 10 minute guided meditation on youtube could be a huge benefit…  Easy, free, and many millions know it’s power already.
Reduce reading of opinions and comments and stick to the facts.  Keep what is real as your main source of information.  Not sure what benefit all of the social media info has, likely not much as it’s showing to be spreading mis-information and panic. 
As for food, you know the drill - increase the whole foods. Limit the processed junky sugar foods.  I want to reiterate the power of ginger, garlic, and onions.  Also gearing up some turmeric is a powerhouse as well.  Whatever you can chop and grate up and add to your meals, I highly recommend it.  Delicious and an immune boost!   
Also fermented foods increase good gut bacteria, another way to add to your army of immune supports!  
You can find all of these foods at your local Quality Greens market.  
The wise words of Keep Calm And Carry On is very much on point at this time.  Live life and do what you can to keep yourself rested and healthy using the power of foods.  
Enjoy your week and the longer days!

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