What does food and family and friends have to do with our quality of life?


We all have different priorities in our lives as many tasks that are part of our daily needs and routines can change over time.  These tasks can take over our lives, if we let it. 


Kids, aging parents, work, hobbies, training for an event, self care, house chores….  really, the list can be huge. 


Taking the time to connect with our food and health is something that can add so much value and energy to all the areas of our lives. Add into that some quality time with family and/or friends in the preparation and eating of this food and you have massive benefits on all sides.


Think back over the past summer or even the past year.  Food and social time go hand in hand, and I am guessing you may notice that as well.  Having family or any type of social meals where even once a week you connect with people you love, can become an anchor to a crazy and at times not easy week.  This could be like a Sunday dinner, or a Saturday brunch, or Friday apples, etc with your family or friends.  Something of a plan to gather and eat “mostly” heathy foods.


For me, family meals used to be so easy.  Kids were always home at the dinner hour, and other family members had time to come over for a visit, especially on Sundays.  However, now with kids almost grown and doing their own things, that one Sunday meal becomes more difficult, but is still so important.  It is even more so the main time to sit and get the low down of what is going on in the lives of our family and friends.


Maybe you had those types of meals as a kid.  I know some of my most favourite times have been those family gatherings at meal time.  Even my favourite TV shows had those types of events where meals and family was something that was just done. In our fast paced world making that time can seem difficult or almost impossible.  However, the time and effort to keep that special time going is so well worth it.  I consider it a basic human need.


Maybe you don’t have family members to connect with in this way locally.  There are likely others in the same situation whom you may know.  If so, finding others to share food and time with can be so rewarding and helpful not just to you but them as well.


If you are on your own, I just want to say I’ve lived on my own, way, way, long ago, I know that the desire to prepare food just for ones self can feel like it is a chore and just not worth it.  In those cases meal sharing can be a great solution.  You make a meal, say one dinner a week and have another person(s) over.  Then those other(s) create a meal to share with you another day of the week.  Win!  You have a meal and some social interaction.


Find some inspiration with some of the Quality Greens recipes to try out on your family or friends this week to create that social priority that can be so helpful to connecting with others, even when it feels like there is not time.


This is one area I myself plan to work on more this fall with having more meal to connect with friends and try new incredibly yummy and healthy recipes. Win!


Enjoy your week!



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