Here is the 2nd part of the toxins blog from last week.  I hope you find some even tiny parts of this helpful or simple to do.  Toxins and our environment are so much in the news and discussion forums these days.  Whether you agree with climate change or not, there is definite issue with toxins in our water, air and food.  If we can focus our energies on reducing toxins, and our use of them, we can make things better regardless of if it is causing climate change or not.


When it comes to toxins, they come in all forms and from many sources.  Watching what we put into and onto our bodies is critical.  Last week we touched on the benefits of whole foods.  Making most of your food choices come from a whole food source is an important part of limiting toxins and actually using the fibre to remove toxins from the body.  Especially compared to processed foods with added non-food ingredients such as colors, preservatives, and other toxic additives, are smart changes to make.


Let’s look also at what we may absorb through our skin or breath in from cleaners and body care products.


Body products

You absorb the products that go on your skin, like soaps, shampoos, shaving cream, skin creams, etc.  You also absorb what you use in your mouth, like toothpaste and mouth wash.  Research the products you are using and you can likely find simple home made options that are cost effective but most importantly, non-toxic.


Many fragrance products are being questioned regarding health issues, including headaches, nausea, and hyperactivity in children.  When in doubt change it out and see if it can be affecting you negatively.



Same idea with cleaners used in homes and work places.  Vinegar and water is a great non-toxic cleaner for windows, glass, and mirrors.  Also a “thieves” essential oil mixed with water and lemon or vinegar for a spray anti-bacterial cleaner, is toxin free and very effective.  There are so many home made easy and effective options, it is simple to find and create ones you will love.  You can replace most store bought cleaners with just those 2 above items alone.


Laundry soaps and dryer sheets are also big sources.  The toxins these products leaves on that are on your clothes, such as dryer sheet fragrance, is a source that may be overlooked.


Note, even if a commercial cleaning product says it is safe and natural, check, as there is no standard or required labeling to show what all ingredients are used.  Also, Natural is word used for even toxic products as there is no definition of what natural actually means.  Seeing CAUTION on a bottle is a sign that it is toxic, but there are other products without that sign, that are still toxic.  Making your own means you know and can feel safe about what is in it.  There are great recipes on the internet of how to make your own.  Using many food related items for cleaning or household needs that are safe, such as lemons, apple cider vinegar for cleaning.  Coconut oil for lubricating windows and hinges. The list goes on.  See what you find that resonates with you and feel good about using non-toxic solutions.


In short, many people have found relief from bothersome health symptoms when they reduced toxins in their lives from areas such as cleaners and body products.  Maybe someone’s headaches or rashes, or fatigue could be caused by toxins from these sources.  You many not know until these products stopped to see how it affects you.  It’s worth the try to reduce those items if you have symptoms that you are struggling with and you can reduce toxins in our environment at the same time.  Do what you can and see how it goes.


Have a great week,





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