Here we are 3 weeks into 2020.  If you’ve made any resolutions or have had thoughts on making one or more positive changes to your life or habits, how is that going?


There is so much out there on HOW to make changes into habits and make real improvements in your life, I’ll try to not add to your reading material on that.


What I do want to impart here is the WHY we make changes.  Consider that just making 1 change can change everything.  Don’t load up on things, just give yourself 1 doable thing, and focus on that.  Feel good each day that you do it, no matter how small it is.  


An example is this…  Doing 1% of something each day adds up to 365% after a year.  I know that does not totally translate properly.  However, the message is this - it is better to do something very small and doable consistently, as in everyday, than to aim for 10% here and there, to likely result in not keeping with it to end up with no consistent change or results at the end of the year.


I’ve been reading and listening to lots of books and research on lifestyle habits and making changes, as well as what shows to be the most helpful to people, and I’m intrigued.  I mean, we all have things we want to change.  Even the people you think have so many things going well for them… yes, they too have things they would like to improve.  Everyone.


They key is how do we put those things we want to work on at the top of the radar when so many things in life need attention?  Really your own health is the most important thing that you have, and will allow you to do the other things that need attention, even better.  


We all have times when we have distractions from our regular routine at times.  Consider how would you take care of all your priority tasks if you are sick, injured, or unable to do daily “to do” lists.  We may in error take our routines for granted and put the things that support health on hold, in trade for working, taking care of kids, looking after aging parents, and so on.  As well, we may know but ignore things we could do to improve health, or maybe just not be aware.  Whatever the reason, it’s critical to take care of yourself first, in whatever way that means to be helpful to you.  Select something that is doable and that you can easily make a habit.  Look for ways to add in some exercise, sleep, nutrition, social, or fulfilling and meaningful work, volunteering or whatever you may have an inkling to do.


Try to keep changes down to 1 or 2 in order to limit overwhelm. In the nutrition and diet area, have a simple rule of “just add one”.  Whatever you have in your weekly meal plan or grocery list, just add 1 thing that you know will be of benefit to you.  One more veggie each day, one more fruit, one more glass of water.  Try just doing one healthy item addition.  By focusing on adding in more good, you can think less about what to remove as naturally there is less room.


Finding a way to create a simple regular new habit is worth a try!  With food, it really can be helpful to just keep adding in more good items in order to have less room for the items that are not as beneficial.  Often by making healthy changes for your self, you end up with more time, due to more energy, less sleep needed, and generally feeling well, and less problems.  Give it a thought!



Have a great week,



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