What a crazy time we are living in right now.
With so much information out there on Covid-19, likely everyone is tired of reading about what to do….  So, to write about health when we have this virus affecting our whole world, feels odd at this time.  However, everything else seems less important.  We are in survival mode and health is something we need look to in order to be as strong and as we can be to come out the other side.
What can we do? There is lots we can do, but we need to be focused and deliberate. My best suggestion is to work on creating the best immune system you can have. How?  It’s done by taking care of your self, and your tribe, and your community.  Even though we are becoming socially distant, we can still find ways to spark our inner light.
Look at the touching videos in Italy of them singing while isolated, on their individual balconies, to create a “coming together” of voices and love.  We need to come together in support and unity.
Start now.  In your own home, detach from stressors.  Stressors are everywhere, but just detach, even for 30 minutes, hopefully longer.
Top 4 things to try……
Less Stress
Breathe deep.  Listen to guided meditation involving relaxation.  Stretch, pet your pet, sing and dance.  Something to give you some peace from the news for a part of your day.
Solid Sleep
With worry sometime sleep is affected.  Try different things to calm your worries at night so you can sleep.  That is where your body does it reset and cleanup.  Sleep is important - a solid 7 is very helpful.  Epsom salt baths, tea, deep breathing, a walk an hour or more before bed.  Find what helps you to feel relaxed.  
Quality Food
Food is in our focus currently, most about making sure we have enough.  Recognizing that our options may be less at this time, just note that using the best quality foods that you can find will help your mind and body to cope with stress and invaders that need a robust immune system to avoid getting sick.
Drink lots of water.  Keep throat from becoming dry.  Drink a few sips all day long - aiming for your 1 to 2 litres a day.
There are more things, and if you are doing other things, that are helping you, then that is perfect.  These 4 can be really helpful to focus on when things feel like a boost is needed, sort of in the way things feel right now.
Last thought, as a lot can happen in a week…..  Please… be kind to yourself and others.  
Do what you can.  Give thanks for things that are going well and do your best when things are not.  We are all in this together and the human spirit can rise above so many difficulties.  Let’s find our rise.
Take care and be well,

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