Hello!  I am once again struggling on what to write about in this very different time that we are now in.  It would be difficult to just write as though we are carrying on as normal.  So I will just write as things come to mind and what feels important. 


I hope you are all doing OK. I hope your families are OK, I hope you are getting through each oddly new day as best you can, and find something to support or smile about, or be thankful for, each day.  


I myself am normally a worrier.  I come from a long line of worriers, so I come by it honestly.  I worry the most when it comes to health issues.  I feel like I have been doing ok in this very different time of community health related focus.


Worry is not of any help at this time.  My kids don’t need a worried mom, my essential service husband doesn’t need a partner who is stressed and upset.  My high risk mom needs a calm voice and support, even if by distance, and our friends an neighbours need to connect.  All of these people need us, even if just with voice or at a distance.  This actually makes me feel good and purposeful, by being helpful to these people in my life.


We all need to find our ability to step up, and be resilient. Similar to what we have seen in the past with horrible situations in war and other community catastrophes, this is a time to do the best we can, above our normal best.


How?  Don’t think too far ahead and be right HERE, today, doing the best you can with what you have.  Ask for help, don’t go this alone.  If I think too far ahead, then I get worried.  If I focus on today, doing what I can today, then I know I can take care of that.  And today is what matters most.  What we do today can help with how we do tomorrow.


Our new motto here is, it could be worse.  So, I’m looking at what I have and being thankful for what is here.


Being prepared is one way to help create some control in what is somewhat out of our control.  We actually do have more control than what we may feel.  Control is where we get comfort.  So, do what you can within your control.


What can we control? Having the now well know public health steps which restricts us, is something we can control, by taking part, and we are doing a pretty great job of it.  Wash hands and keep some distance to help slow the spread.


There is more we can do.  Taking care of yourself, don’t keep your feelings bottled up, connect with others by distance, get some fresh air and walk, and do your best to eat as well as you can in this time.  


Of course food needs to make it’s way into this pep talk, as it is such a huge area that can help us.  I 100% believe in the power of food, sleep, exercise, and handling stress.  Find a way to elevate any or all of these each day.  Those are key to health and well being.  


Food is 1 of the 4 items I listed above, but food also very much affects the other 3.  So, even if you just focus on food, you will likely improve the other 3 areas.  


Maybe you are at home, or maybe you are an essential service, working each day, to which we say a huge thank you.  No matter what you do, in our own ways, we are doing something that is so helpful to our communities.  


As said many times here, do the best you can with food.  Don’t let it add to your stress, but insert where you can with whole foods.  Veggies and fruit are your best friends.  Even frozen or canned is great, if fresh is hard to get.


The power of whole foods to add to our body’s resources is critical to support our areas of immune function, sleep, mood, and physical ability.  Focus on getting some amount of whole foods into your day.  


Quality Greens markets have well over half of their store with fresh veggies and fruit and whole foods.  You can get many other staples there as well.  It is an easy way to shop and they are working hard for us to have quality foods.  Thank you staff!


Have a good week - enjoy the sun!


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