Some things are worth repeating….  So I hope you don’t mind some info that you may have already heard.  I, myself, love when things I already know are reinforced by others and other sources.


In all of the information, opinions, experience, research, and the like, by both professionals as well as neighbours and friends, including just good old conversations, so many areas of health has been discussed as of late.   


It is pretty awesome that we have many people in the world talking about deeper levels of health and body systems such as immune systems, inflammation, cells, and basically most body functions.  


Why is this awesome?  Well, its helpful to have both knowledge and an interest in how our bodies functions in order to take care of ourselves and our families.  We are the best person to take care of our own health.  


Seems daunting, but listening to your body, and adjusting based on what you learn when you listen is your best resource for a long and healthy time on this earth.  What we do each day of our lives will “add to” or “deplete from” your resources for creating health.  Its like a bank, add something most days, take some the odd day, and you end up with a positive balance at the end of the month.


No one can give you your health.  You create it for yourself.


In the past few months, health has been a focus as it is considered the opposite of disease or illness.  


What’s been noticeable is that what is missing from this area of discussion is how we can supporting our own health and how to help ourselves to get through the virus spread.  We are looking for other solutions in the ways of medications or something that will solve this for us for once and for all.  


There is no for once and for all.  We’ve always had bacteria and virus threats.  This is not new and it will not be the last one.


There are historical quotes and thoughts on the germ theory versus the terrain theory.  


The germ theory claims that we need to kill anything that is a threat before it can do damage to us as the germ is more powerful than our internal army.


The terrain theory is that our inner “terrain” army, which is our immune system, gut bacteria, and all of those health resources, is critical to standing up to germs and invaders to keep damage and disease from harming us.  This terrain, when working optimally, is the best defence and naturally happens.


There is lots we can do proactively to have a hard working robust terrain to support our health.


Quality Whole Food

Clean Water




Happy Thoughts and Purpose



My focus here is food and water as those we can work on and upgrade quickly because we eat up to 3 (maybe 5) times a day.  Also, food choices and water can directly impact sleep and our ability to exercise and how we feel mentally.  So by looking at one area you can improve many areas that supports your health as a whole.



Fibre - from plants!  Veggies, fruit, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, and herbs.  Fibre helps fed good gut bacteria, sweep out toxins, and regular blood sugar


Nutrients - from those above plants - vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, fats, amino acids and many many nutrients that your body adds to its resources are imperative for health.


Building blocks amino acids and anti-inflammatory fats - With meats, dairy, and fats, it is important to have the best quality that you can find.  Cage free eggs and chickens, grass fed dairy and meats, as well as unrefined oils and quality fat foods.


WATER!  Helps move nutrients in and wastes out of your cells to keep your running clean.


With anything that we put in or on our bodies, quality makes a difference.  The cleaner, the better.


Quality Greens Market has an incredible selection of plant based foods as well as quality eggs, dairy, and meats.  It’s the perfect mix of great food choices that allows food decisions to be easier and quicker on “what should I eat”.


Have a great week!


Thank you,



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