The Spice of Life


Do you feel you use very little spices and herbs? Or do you add a good amount of spices in your meals and cooking?


I know I thought I was using lots of spices a few years back, but when I started to understand the massive benefits from these powerhouses, I started to use more and more.


I consider fresh herbs and dried spices in the same category, just use them as you feel best or based on recipes that help to find the most yummy way to enjoy them.


For example - fresh basil is amazing, but so is dried.  Somewhat different flavour, but using either of them to enhance the flavours of your meals is a boost to your enjoyment and health.  You can add fresh basil on top of pizzas or in noodle bowls or stir fries or salads as a nice flavour enhancer.  Dried basil goes nice in meat sauces.


If you already do herbs and spices, see how you can mingle a few together or find new ones to try.  


The common ones such as basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, sage, nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric, and cumin, are easy ones to start with.


Mixed spices such as curry are easy to do yourself as well with the few different spices that they include.  


There are many benefits of herbs and spices and they are all helpful for different things but they generally provide supports for immune function as well as being anti-inflammatory and detoxifying.   


You can just simply try adding more to your current meals.  Or if you are totally new to it, use recipes as some spices don’t go with certain flavours very well, where some raise the bar of deliciousness. Or, I suggest adding a touch of curry to some meals such as chilli or sautéed veggies to start.  Start with a 1/2 tsp and add more as you feel comfortable.


A huge fan favourite but simple is to make cilantro lime rice, so good!!!  


Note: Cilantro has so many benefits.  However, some people LOVE it, and others can’t stand it.  See which one you are. It can taste fresh and amazing, or it can taste like soap, depending on your genes. Yes, there is a gene that causes cilantro to taste different to each person!  So interesting!


Google an herb or spice name to find other inspirations and give it a try.


Enjoy you week!












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