How to reduce chemical toxins in your body


Toxins are a part of our daily life.  However, there are ways we can reduce what comes into our bodies.  The less toxins, the more healthy we can be.


Last week was about supporting your liver.  One way to really support the liver, and our health in general, is to remove toxins from coming into our bodies. 


How?  Organic foods is one way.  Buy non-sprayed and low toxin food.


I just need to rant on this for a minute.  I don’t get that we have to label foods that are the original way they had always originally been grown, as special or different name, like organic.  It should be just “produce”.  The newer and “junk added” produce should be called something different, as they are the newer and less than original result.


All food used to be organic.  When it was grown without the use of chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers, GMO and other chemicals, there was no need to call the produce anything other than “food”.  


When chemical supports were invented and added, that is where the name of the modified foods should have been made to refer to those modified ways of producing food to something like ‘modified’ or ‘sprayed’ or something to indicate it is not just plain clean produce like it always had been.  Instead we call naturally grown food as organic like it is different.  It really is just what always was, traditionally produced.


So, now that we have foods grown with chemicals, and we know those toxins are not good for us to consume, we are best to give that produce a wash to remove what we can.  And, studies show, we can remove a lot of those toxins.


I do buy lots of non-organic produce, and I just wash them as best as I can.  I used to use mostly vinegar and water in a bowl or the sink for larger amounts and let soak for 15 minutes and rinse.  I also peel some items if needed. 


However, I have read research on Science Daily website that testing was done using a 1% baking soda and water solution and results show that of 2 pesticides applied to a Gala apple, “80 percent of the thiabendazole was removed, and 96 percent of the phosmet was removed”.  That is a great end result of removing toxins!  


Also, to save on water and baking soda, you can make the solution in a spray bottle, place produce on a towel and spray the items, all over, and let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse.


You now have cleaned your food as best as you can and feel good that reducing toxins that you take in is less.


One area of toxins that you can’t wash off is GMOs.  If you have not heard of or know much about GMOs, this is an area that is worth being informed about.  GMOs are right in the DNA of the food produced.  It is in the cells, you can’t remove it.  Corn and soy are 2 main examples where the majority grown is GMO produced, but many other foods are also currently GMO or are planned to be.  


I will write more on GMO’s in a future blog.


Have a great week!



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