Where are we now?


You know when you are looking at a map, trying to see where you are and then where you need to go in order to figure out the path to get there?


I’m sure I am not the only one, but it sure feels like there is no “where to go” point currently.  How do we find or make a path when one does not know where they are going?


For me, I feel like I have allowed a few shifts to my routine, thinking when things were “normal”, I’d go back to my more strict routine.  Well… so many months later, I know that those “shifts” are no longer serving me well, and maybe they never had.


Eating healthy, with usually more veggies and plants compared to all other types of foods, is what I like to aim for.  I do eat meat, but I tend for it to not be the feature for me.  


That said, when I am stressed or feeling like I need to really relax, I like to indulge….  Which can mean chips, chocolate, wine, and other treats.


I’m a huge fan of balance and letting some freedom of eating, without guilt, be a way of life.  


However, I have allowed it to swing a bit too far, for a bit too long.  Feeling uncomfortable from eating will not replace feeling uncomfortable in our current day pandemic living.  It only adds to it, unfortunately.


Being in a time where things are not easy seems to create an easier excuse to allow relaxed food rules. 


Are you in a similar situation?  A bit out of the ordinary routine the past 10 months?  I am determined to reset my habits back to less indulgences which have absolutely affected how I feel.  


Using food to feel good should come from the true and pure energy from that food, like the vitamin C from oranges, and phytochemicals from cabbage, and magnesium from almonds, as just a few examples.  


Not from the energy created by consuming the sugar from chocolates or pie.


It’s a rollercoaster.  Once you are strapped in and rolling, it can be a ride.  


Try to keep yourself to simple and small amounts of “treats”.  The sugar ups and downs can be difficult to disconnect from, but once you decide and plan, and you start to feel the improved benefits, it gets easier.


When you know you want to feel better, and maybe get more energy, sleep more soundly, fit into clothes more easily, or maybe move without pain, it’s an important change to make.


Ideas for breakfast to add in more naturally good energy foods:


Adding fruits, fresh or frozen, even 1/2 a cup, to your breakfast.  If you have cereal, add blueberries or raspberries directly into it, or enjoy them on the side.  Scramble some spinach into your eggs.  If you make a smoothie, start to add some greens, 1/2 cup of spinach or even lettuce to a fruit smoothie is a great start and still tastes like your sweet fruit.


Just add 1/2 cup of fruit or veggies, counts as a serving, and is pretty easy to add to your breakfast.  


If you already do that, then good for you!   It’s a start and will kick off even more changes in the coming weeks.


Have a great week!



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