There is growing interest in food and diet changes and many personal stories on how those improvements have helped people overcome personal challenges.  Many do it all on their own, but some are also seeking groups or individual help and advice, as it can be overwhelming.  Regardless of how you get there, taking health into your own hands, with food changes, can be so empowering as well as effective.  
Considering that the “stuff” we put into our mouths, and thus our bodies, 3 or more times a day, is very much tied to our health and how we feel, it only makes sense to slow down and notice how that “stuff” can make us feel and act on that.
It’s rare to speak to someone who does not have some type of ailment.  It could be joint pain, poor digestion, bowel issues, heart burn, poor vision, skin rashes, headaches, reduced memory, focus or mood imbalances such as depression or anxiety, and the list goes on.  Most people have something going on and want to find relief. 
What if something such as foods and/or beverages that either need to be added or removed was part of or likely the main culprit?  It may not be as simple as that, but it sure could be.  If so, why not try some changes to remove the potentially known harmful and less optimal foods and increase the known beneficial and most optimal foods?  
The below foundational food facts are finally becoming much more accepted as being true for many people who give diet changes a try.
Reduce/Remove:  Processed and refined and unnatural foods and ingredients that are known to affect our brains/bodies in negative ways.  This includes colours, chemicals, preservatives, MSG, sugar, artificial sugars, and artificial anything.  Read labels.
Increase: Whole foods with the focus on plant based and fresh. Get as close to their natural source as possible.  Happy raised meats and fish and eggs.  The quality of the end result is very much reliant on how an animal lived and was treated and fed.  
Include clean filtered water as your main source of fluids.
The above are basic and foundational changes to help support body processes and function by using nutrients from foods to support our health and build robust cells, and limiting chemicals which can be problematic and toxic for us. However, like with anything, additional tweaking may be needed.  If you make those foundational changes and still have some symptoms remain, you’d be good to look into other diet changes to help identify what items in the “optimal” food list may be possibly problematic for you. There are many compounds in foods that can cause a reaction.  
We all know apples as well as nuts are healthy foods but some people have allergies or other reactions to them.  Spinach and almonds are high in oxalates.  Oxalates can cause calcium crystals that affect many in the way of kidney stones, but they can also cause joint and eye pain, as well as other pain.  Again not to scare, but tracking what you eat and how your feel can help find your own personal customized best diet options.
Where to start?  Many people get amazing results from removing 2 of the biggest offenders in our North American diet - Gluten and/or Dairy.  My family, close friends, and many clients I have, see incredibly beneficial changes from removing these types of foods within a few weeks.  I know those changes can seem hard and daunting, but imagine a life without some of the symptoms that may be bugging you, then maybe those diet changes don’t seem so difficult when they payback is less symptoms. 
You many also find it helpful to start talking to others. You’d be surprised how many people have resolved health issues by using changes in food.  Many just don’t think to bring up their transformation or have a hard time talking about it feeling like they are complaining or telling someone what to eat.  
I know I’ve thought, “Who would want to know how bad my gut issues were and what it took to figure them out?”.  However, that is how we can help others by sharing our personal stories and the ability to get better along the work it took to get there.  The path may not be the same, but the answer is out there when we start to listen to our bodies and track what we eat and how we feel with a food/mood/bowel movement log.  
Looking at all of the fresh and whole foods that are available at your Quality Greens markets can inspire getting more of those foods into your daily meals and snacks.
*Always be sure to see a health care professional when concerning health issues arise.

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