I can’t believe in my hydration and dry skin and health oils info last week that I forgot coconut oil in my list of healthy fats!


Coconut oil, where do I start???


I have likely written about coconut oil before, but it is so worth more time here!


It is a master of many ailments in our house!


Got a cut? Put coconut oil on it!


Got dry hands or any dry areas of skin?  Put coconut oil on it! 


Burn or wound or acne trying to heal?  Put coconut oil on it! 


I have given this advice to many and I always get positive feedback.  Seriously!  If you don’t use it yet, give it a try.


Oh… And there’s more!  


Got a tooth ache, or mouth sore, or some type of mouth issue?  Try “oil pulling” with coconut oil.  This can help the health and state of your teeth, breath, skin, and so much more.  


Oil pulling just means this - take a tablespoon of oil, put it in your mouth and swish it for 10 minutes or more. You may need to work up to that so start with 5 minutes but aim for 10+ minutes for full benefit.  Pull the oil all over your mouth.  Everywhere!  Then SPIT it out and rinse well with water.  Make sure it goes in the garbage or on the ground, never in your sink or shower or toilet, as it can harden in cold water and clog things up.  There are numerous benefits to oil pulling - just look it up.


My nightly face “cream” is coconut oil.  You will never find a cheaper huge jar of moisturizer than coconut oil!  And I look half my age - hahaha!  


Since it is naturally antibacterial, it helps to heal sores quickly.  


Do I sound like a salesman?  Sorry, but I can’t help myself.


Oh!  I really should add in the food uses for coconut oil too!  You can fry veggies in coconut oil, as it takes heat better than olive oil and most other oils.  You can use it on toast, in baking, and really it is a great swap for other oils or even butter.


If you have never heard of bullet proof coffee, it is a table spoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of unsalted butter.  Blend that up in a cup of coffee (I use an immersion blender or real blender), and you have a super delicious coffee.  Honestly, bullet proof coffee is what got me, and my hubby, off of adding sugar to our coffees.  I will never look back.


And…. Another coconut based food, coconut water, is a HUGE source of electrolytes and a valuable friend if you have heat stroke or are dehydrated.  We have saved our kids many times in 40 degree heat playing ball in Kelowna by having them drink coconut water, before and during games.


So, I feel bad for not listing coconut oil last week, but that gave me a good amount of space to write so much more about coconut oil all on its own.


You can find coconut oil at your local Quality Greens market, along with a huge selection of so many other whole foods and delicious ingredients and healthy prepared foods!  


Enjoy your week!




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