A client this past week reminded me again of the incredible potential of positive changes and how quickly a person can see benefits when we make very specific and important changes in our lives.


In this case it was related to changes in foods eaten, but it could mean any change in lifestyle such as a new exercise plan, new yoga class, reading new book, finding new hobby, or a new relationship, etc.


Her comment was, “could this change happen that quickly?”  This was based on her son starting to speak more words within a few days of a diet change.  


The diet change was removing gluten and dairy.


Yes, that food change is not at first an easy change to make, to remove those foods that contain those proteins.  But, like anything, it gets easier after a few weeks.   


However, what is actually even more difficult, is watching someone you love struggle in their lives.  This mom dug in and did the work, and she saw the benefits quickly.


That’s always the fascinating part and makes nutrition such an easy area to be passionate about.  When you find what food(s) may be causing issues, as well as adding in foods that are beneficial, the related issues can reduce and even resolve very quickly.


I hope if you have something that you feel is not working well for you, that you can try to find options in foods to see if something in your diet may be related to that challenge.


As always, if you have health concerns make sure to connect with your health care provider.


Your local Quality Greens market is there to provide you with healthy whole food options and ingredients to create any type of amazing food creations that support a healthy lifestyle.


Have a great week!


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