Ok, here it is March and we are still waiting for signs of spring.  The snow and rain and cold is likely wearing us down and maybe the energy levels are getting a tad low.  Those limited days where the sun makes an appearance, even for a few hours, can you feel your increase in energy?  It’s so fantastic.  But until spring comes, what is a person to do to get energy levels up?

How about adding to your own energy internally?   You can, by eating real whole live veggies and fruits.  It’s true! The chloroplasts in plants collect energy from the sun (remember photosynthesis?).    Let’s just keep it simple and not go too far into the HOW, as it’s the WHAT that is important here.

So let’s add more veggies and fruits!  One way to get a good dose of that energy is juicing which can add to those levels quickly.  Using fresh organic veggies like celery, kale, and fruits like apples can be very yummy start to a custom creation.  The benefits of organic can be important with juicing due to using a large quantity of produce to create a concentrated glass of nutrient dense juice.  When juicing, because you are using the whole veggie/fruit, it’s helpful to use organic to reduce intake of chemicals.

AND - Don’t throw away the pulp - use all the organic bits and pieces.  Save it for making veggie broth, or add it to soups or smoothies, make homemade veggie burgers or dog treats.  The options are unlimited.

Enjoy your increased energy!

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