Honestly, they don’t get more versatile than this!

Did you know they are actually a fruit?

Here are some great ways to include more in your daily eating options.

You could just eat them plain - but with so many other options, you don't have to! Slice an avocado in half, put a dollop of salsa and scoop away right in its “shell”. Slice and put some on your toast with eggs. Add some to your smoothie or salad, on the side of your meal, make guacamole or a twist on hummus with chickpeas to add to your dip options.  California rolls are also easy to make at home, and taste incredible when lightly grilled!

Why are these cute green guys so great other than being so easy to eat?

They are high in a number of nutrients - Vitamin C, Potassium, folate, B5, B6, Vitamin K and fibre to name a few. They are a good source of mono-saturated fat. Fat is what helps you to feel full and satiated - less cravings and hunger. Fat also slows down blood sugar release so you experience less spikes which is important for balanced blood sugar levels. You will absorb fat soluble vitamins in other foods you eat better - Vitamin A,D,E and K.

The monounsaturated fat from avocado is helpful to our health by improving our cholesterol levels and they can help with weight loss as well as reduce pain and stiffness. A good variety of healthy fats helps our brains and nervous systems as well. The key is whole food fats - and avocados are a great source!

Little tip - if you are just going to eat half or have left over guacamole, keep the pit with the leftovers and it won’t turn brown.  Just store in a container in the fridge and eat later and it will retain it’s nice green color.

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