Sprouts! Nature’s power-packed little bundles of nutrition.

Have you tried sprouts? Don’t underestimate their tiny size and packages. They may look small but they are big in nutrition and health benefits. Seriously!

You can sprout anything that has a seed. Let’s look at broccoli sprouts as an example. Studies show that a few ounces of broccoli sprouts are far more potent than a full serving of mature broccoli. So if you don’t like broccoli, or even if you do, and want to bump up your nutrition - these little fellas are a lovely way to do that.

What? Tiny spouts are even more impressive than a pile of regular broccoli? Yes! One reason they are a food hero is because of how much concentrated nutrients are in them. In the efforts to germinate from the seed there is an explosion of nutrients that are needed and if you eat the spouts at that point, you get those nutrients.

Sulforaphane is one of the key nutrients in our veggies and hits impressive levels in broccoli sprouts. Sulphorphane normalizes an important DNA process called methylation which helps us to detoxify. DNA is our cells' instructions and methylation helps regulate our gene expression. By re-enforcing the proper cell instructions we can move our cells toward health, like a light switch turning on.  

And of course there are the normal benefits of anything veggie where sprouts also contain properties that are anti-inflammatory along with fibre, protein, essential nutrients and enzymes. Your complete natural vitamin!

What can you do with sprouts? Simply eat them alone or add to salads, wraps, sandwiches and even blend up in smoothies. No matter what, it is best to eat them raw. They add a nice and even some spicy flavours to your existing meals.  

It is very easy to grow your own spouts - many videos can show you how and all you need are seeds, water, a jar and literally a minute a day to water and rinse and say hello to your sprouts.  

However, you can also purchase a variety of sprouts at Quality Greens - they have a great selection to try out. Give them a try!

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