We’ve ALL done it. You know, you go to a party. You socialize and have a great time. Maybe you mingle too close, and for too long, at the amazing, appetizing food table. You just can’t seem to stop trying this, and back to that, and finally… “UGH, what have I done!?

This happens, and is nothing to beat yourself up about. The KEY is planning ahead to keep this from happening.

How can we plan? Here are 5 things think about before heading to a party or event.

1.) Drink lots of water. Hours before the party and at the party, aim for a glass of water every waking hour. Water will help fill you up, so you are not so easily tempted by the plateful of yummies. Sometimes thirst signals actually feels like hunger. Try it, it’s true! Next time you feel hungry or sluggish at 3pm, try a nice big glass of water and see how you feel within 15 minutes.

2.) Bring a food option that we know we like and is a good whole food option with a nice amount of fibre (plants), fats (healthy oils), and protein. Maybe some fresh cut up veggies and dip or humus. Find that veggie tray at the part - but sometimes they look a little sad or unappetizing. If you bring your own happier looking veggies, then you are more prone to eat them :). Or, bring a batch of energy bites or fat bombs. Those are yummy AND have healthy proteins and fats and fibre to help balance blood sugar and cravings. This way you have an option to consume among the other options.

3.) Get full before you go. Have a handful of nuts, or another high fibre and healthy fat food, before you head to a party. Maybe a hard-boiled egg or salad with olive oil dressing and balsamic vinegar with chicken. You are aiming for fibre, healthy fats and protein to give you a head start on not feeling hungry BEFORE you get to the event.

4.) Chew and chew, and chew some more. The more slowly you chew, the more you enjoy the food you are eating. You really can ONLY enjoy food when you are tasting it, in your mouth, really! So, chew slow and it will allow you to get a full sensation sooner and digestion will go much smoother. The first 3 bites of something are the main sensory of tastes of food. Good rule to try: Plan for 3 bites, chew slow, then move on.

5.) Grab a small plate so that only a small amount of food can go on it. If you eat all of it, wait 20 minutes before going back. It takes 20 minutes for satiety and fullness to register so you are less likely to over consume if you wait for that 2nd helping. Again, a good amount of healthy fats (avocado, nuts, salads with olive oil dressing, olives, energy ball, full fat dairy cheese, etc) will help create satiety so you don’t crave more foods.

There you have it! Some ideas to help find ways to keep you on track with your health goals this holiday season. Enjoy the treats, but try to not over do them. You can do it! Remember: Long term success versus short term yummies! These are good tricks to try any time of the year, not just the holidays!

Have a great week,

Lisa Aschenbrenner, RHN - Registered Holistic Nutritionist 

For more information please visit RealFoodForThought.ca

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