With the very special, and also, at times, very crazy month of December now here, this month often ends up being hard to keep routines. This can also run us off course of our goals and health plans.

This week’s blog is a few suggestions to help keep you on track and allow for some spontaneous and fun times!

Try to eat at least one meal having a solid amount of veggies, proteins, and healthy fats. Keep easy ready to eat veggies and fruit on hand for when you need to eat but do not have time to make a proper meal.

Many veggies can be eaten raw, as in a salad using spinach, peppers, grated beets, carrots, and cilantro, plus any other veggie you like. Just wash/peel, chop and toss in chickpeas and/or feta for protein, and an avocado or olive oil for healthy fat, as well as some cashews or pumpkin seeds, and you have an easy healthy meal option. If you double the batch you have enough for the next day too! You have just saved time and created an energizing meal and also likely saved money by not buying food when you are out and about.

If you want something warm, a nice big pot of sweet potato lentil soup goes a long way - the ingredients are incredibly nutrient dense, filling, and delicious. We have stocked our freezer with this soup already for the busy month of December, There is something so rewarding and comforting knowing you have healthy meal ready and waiting for you without having to make a decision or do lots of work to get it prepped.

You likely also saved time if you picked these items up at Quality Greens, as their stores are setup to be so quick and simple to find healthy mostly local whole food items, and be on your way.

There are many blogs and websites with incredible ideas for easy and yummy ways to create quick and healthy meals. I have a few favourites, like Oh She Glows, as well as Pinch of Yum, and Cookie and Kate, but if you just google a few ingredients that you like or have on hand, you will find recipes with ratings. I like to find recipes that have more than 50 reviews which total more than 4 stars. Then I read them over, read some reviews and give it a try! It’s been a huge addition to my binder of favourite recipes.

Knowing you have a selection of tried and true recipes at your finger-tips takes a load off when planning what to eat for the week.

Have a great week!

Lisa Aschenbrenner, RHN - Registered Holistic Nutritionist 

For more information please visit RealFoodForThought.ca

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