Restaurant Favourites made at home!!

Do you have a favourite restaurant, where you usually enjoy a specific dish? 

We personally don’t eat out very often, but when we do, there are certain places we aim to go, to due to certain dishes that we really enjoy.

One that comes to mind is PF Chang’s, mostly found in the US.  There is this green bean appetizer as well as the lettuce wraps that are soooo good.

I finally got around to looking on my “google machine”, in case there were posted recipes for those dishes.  There was!

I recall doing this a few times in the past with are a few websites that post very similar recipes to favourites at restaurants, and they do tend to be quite close and delicious, in my experience.

And, it’s not just restaurant dishes, you can also search for some store bought items. 

Totally off the path here, but if you are of the Seinfeld generation, you can even find the Soup Nazi's Mulligatawny soup recipe!

My point here is that if you have a favorite dish that you enjoy in a restaurant or from a package, see if you can find somewhere that it’s been “replicated”, and make your home your restaurant.  It’s likely much cheaper and you can control certain ingredients and make it even more healthy - win!  I find it nice where I can take a recipe, once I know it is good, and make it again, and double the amount of veggies to increase the benefits and still be delicious. 

It’s easy to find a huge assortment of quality veggies at Quality Greens market.  It’s my go to place, especially when I am short on time as it is so quick to shop there and find great options that are fresh.

So, if you have a hankering for something you’ve enjoyed while dining out, find a night you have some time to search, plan it out and make it at home.  You may even enjoy it more than you do when you eat out!  Maybe that's an option for a Valentine’s day dinner??

Have a great week!


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