Something light and simple today… Add in some goodness. 


In all of the things we think about, plan, and aim to do, here is just a simple thought.  Add in some goodness, even as small as it may seem.


This can be applied to anything really.  A smile when passing by someone in a store, or holding the door, or a friendly comment to a stranger in an elevator. 


In the food world, what if we didn’t really change what we were eating other than to just add in something that we know to be good. 


Say for breakfast, in cereal or oatmeal or granola - add some berries.  Fresh or frozen, it doesn’t matter.  Even a 1/4 cup is a great addition with fiber, antioxidants and such.


If you drink coffee, which I myself love, you can even add in some more goodness to cup of joe.  Collagen powder is undetectable, goes great in coffee, or smoothies, and has a huge amount of benefits. Being the top protein in your body that makes up your structure and skin, it is helpful to add more in where you can.  With it’s amino acids it donates resources for your skin, hair, bones, tendons.  I will do a bigger blog on it in the new year, so just a quick note on it here to plant the seed and get you thinking about it.


For lunch and dinner, find ways to add in some more veggies and fruits.  Grate up some apple in your veggie salad, add spinach to your pasta sauce, double the onions in your chilli, add garlic to anything that you can, especially with our “germy” time of year, as it is a potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral, as well as just plain old detoxification extraordinaire!


For snacks, have some cucumber and carrots on hand along with some garlic hummus.  Simple and delicious!


Lastly for beverages, just add in some more water.  Drop some cucumber chunks in there for a nice added natural flavour in hopes that you increase your intake to your personal optimal amount.  Hydration helps with so many symptoms including headaches, low energy, constipation, and so on.  What if any nagging symptoms you had were from just not drinking enough water?  Note, if you drink coffee, you need 2 times the amount of water to coffee make up for what coffee pulls from you. 


So, at this time of year when diet changes are tricky, just focus on adding in some more goodness, not so much about removing things. 







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