By the time this lands on the QG Website and it reaches your inbox, we will be pretty much into boxing day.


If so, we hope your Christmas was relaxing and just enough of whatever you needed it to be.


I myself find I tend to worry I have too high of expectations and that I’ll be disappointed if I don’t create enough of a memorable few days over Christmas and the holidays.


So, I am only going to focus on a few things this Christmas to give myself flexibility for it to be just whatever happens in between the few things I want to do.


Suggestions of small ideas to focus on can be things such as these….


Try doing 1 thing that is different than what you normally do the rest of the year.  Can be simple like doing a puzzle, taking a nice walk outside in a new area of the city.

Take a drive at night and look at Christmas lights in a different area of the city.  Something simple to make new memories.


Then of course there is food.  Food often is a huge part of holidays, and Christmas is one of the biggies.  With Christmas almost behind us, New Years is right on it’s heels begging for some interesting foods to celebrate the new year.


So, in keeping with the message from the last few blogs, be gentle and don’t get too stressed about food options for a few days.  Maybe where you can, find some ways to add in some fresh whole foods, like veggies and dip or hummus, fruit (maybe even with a chocolate dip!), as well as nice cheese and meats with crackers.


Quality Greens has an incredible stocked deli with all sorts of options from simple to deluxe snack options, which is great anytime.  Take a peek and check out their deli at your next shopping trip.


Merry Christmas All!


Thank you,


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