With the end of the year almost here, I feel that blogging about something totally different may be an interesting way to close off the year, and start off the new one. This post is less about food and more about how we think, feel about ourselves, and the things we choose to do.

Maybe your big “problem” is body weight, sleep issues, or pain. What if you said “I’ve already tried everything” and didn’t find success in the biggest problem you are battling? What if taking a look at the negative words that are playing over and over in your head could make a difference and is something you haven’t looked at yet? Would it be worth a try?

Consider that everyone has some type of problem at any given time. Could it be how we are treating ourselves and the discouraging things we are saying to ourselves that may be a factor in those problems? Between the reflections of year just passed and the planning and hopes for the year ahead, it’s often a time of stress and anxiety that quietly percolates in our private minds.

Let’s change that! Let’s start right now!

Try this over the holidays - take a sticky note and write I AM ENOUGH on it. Put one up on each mirror in your home. Nice to give this gift to others in your house. Maximum effect!

What if I AM ENOUGH was the first message you got when you wake up (before Facebook, and Instagram and other media that may make us feel like we are not enough), and the last thing you see before you go to bed. You could take this on like a project.

Imagine if we all thought we were each enough. No more feeling less than, feeling conditional or putting things off until we were healthier, happier, thinner, richer, less busy, etc.

Is it that simple? You’ll never know unless you try.

How many times have you said to yourself, as I have said to myself:

“I’ll exercise when I get through these few busy weeks.”

 “If I just get this done, THEN I’ll have time, or money, or energy…”

We can often end up waiting for far too long in order to make something important happen.

Then two weeks fly by, and… guess what? Something else has filled that busy space, and here we are still waiting for more time.

Could this be a factor for you as well? I’m interested to see if this resonates with anyone and if anyone tries it and notices differences after a few weeks of these wise I AM ENOUGH words.

When we are positive, everything else becomes easier: from little daily tasks, like checking e-mails or grocery shopping, to the big things, like getting enough sleep, eating a whole food diet, and attaining those goals!

I’ll check in next week with how this went for me. I am interested if you have attempted and had any insights?! I have some thoughts on why this can create good changes for us - I’ll share those next week, and along with more great healthy living tips!

Thank you,

Lisa Aschenbrenner, RHN - Registered Holistic Nutritionist 

For more information please visit RealFoodForThought.ca

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