Welcome to the New Year!  The last few blogs had a few suggestions for making life more simple, less stressed and become more accepting and open to being gentle with ourselves.


I am curious if anyone did the I AM ENOUGH task a few weeks ago.  Did you?  If you did, what did you notice?  Anything?  Those few kind words repeated in your mind each day has the potential to create some great benefits.  If you didn’t give it a try, it is never too late.  With lots going on the past few weeks, maybe now there is more ability to give it a try?


In addition, we also reviewed the potential of just 1 simple and very do-able change to make a big impact.  It could be drinking more water, or cut out 1 thing that you know does not serve you and replace it with something that feels helpful to you.  Any example could be swap 1 cup of coffee with 1 cup of green tea.  This doesn’t mean you have to give up coffee, just to add in something that could be an even more beneficial option in place of it.  Don’t make a big list of things to change.  Just focus on 1 thing.  Does that resonate?  Have you tried that?  Give it some thought and pick one.  You can do it!


I will leave you with those thoughts as we bring in this first week of the new year.  We will come back next week, with all sort of fun and helpful ideas about food and making life easier and healthier in this brand new year.  There is so much potential!  Let’s make this a great year!


Have a great week!




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