Is spring really finally here?   I can see garlic tops sprouting as I drive by the community garden.  Thoughts of fresh crunchy veggies are starting to come to life.

Even though we have veggies available almost all year round, when they are local and fresh, they are even more delicious and nutrient dense.  With the array of nutrients and fibre in veggies and the well known findings of how helpful they are for our health, it’s worth the time and effort of buying and planning ways to use them.

Find new and fun ways to use those veggies.  Keeping food simple and real is a great start.  Picnics or simple meals using raw veggies as well as appetizers with raw veggies and fun dips, salads, etc.

Some quick additions that take no extra thought or work are tossing cucumber slices into drinking water or  broccoli into your pasta meals as well as onions or peppers or spinach (or all 3!) to your scrambled eggs.

If you have veggies on hand you can add them to anything - the biggest task is have them in your home - pick up some today!

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