Sweet Tooth Options to keep your Immune Function Optimal


I don’t know if you notice the repeat each year, but right after Halloween is often when illness starts to climb.


I don’t know if it is totally coincidence, but it is well understood the impact of processed sugar and how it affects health in many ways, and one big way is the drop in immune system function.


So, with all that is happening, taking the time to find other sweet options that are less problematic can likely be helpful.


Our immune systems are extremely smart and responsive systems.  


So, this year, with the understood need for immune protection, trying some simple swaps for your sweet tooth candy fix can be a very wise choice to make.


Some context here, I enjoy ice cream and chocolate bars, just like most people. When I say these below options are crazy good, I am saying that most people should find these items decadent and delicious, like I do.  These are not a “just ok” treat, they are incredible.  Please trust me.


The treats I am recommending are:


Date Bites

Dark chocolate and date bites stuff with almonds or cashews.

So Simple!  Melt part of a unsweetened dark chocolate bar, slice open some dates, pull the pit out, place some nuts inside, press shut, and drizzle the melted chocolate on top.  Freeze for at least 20 minutes.  Store in freezer and take one out when then craving hit.  


In 5 minutes you can have these made and ready to enjoy!  I have made these litterally hundreds of times, and they always get rave reviews.


Why are these beauties are so good for you?  


They are full of fibre between the nuts and dates.  Unprocessed sweetness from the dates is so yummy, and many nutrients from each of the dark chocolate, dates, and nuts - including vitamins, minerals, and omegas.  


The fibre alone will slow down blood sugar impact and feed your good gut bacteria.


Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding

If you are looking for some sweet but healthy breakfast options, this pudding is as close to a creamy chocolate mousse as you can get.   Six simple ingredients and a blender and you are set!  There are many recipes to find on this and any with high ratings will be delicious. 


Similar benefits with chia having fibre and omegas plus nutrients and cocoa powder and coconut milk are all in there to make it yummy and healthy.


All of these items you can easily find at your local Quality Greens market.


You also don’t have to be Keto to enjoy a few of the amazing healthy options of Keto (low sugar) recipes that are all over the internet.  Do some searches, and find ones with whole ingredients, because the less processed ingredients the better.  


Looking to limit sugars, especially processed, is the focus here.  If you have a sweet tooth, by slowing reducing your total sugar intake is key.  Read labels as sugar is in so many foods, even ones you wouldn’t think of.  So reading labels and finding less sugar options can very much lessen your sugar cravings.  It very doable by switching to natural sugar foods and consuming less over time.


** Note - Please limit/remove ALL artificial or low calorie sugar options.  Those are not natural and wreak havoc with your blood sugars and very often have their own side effects.  These will not reduce your sweet tooth cravings as it often becomes it’s own craving.


Natural whole food sugars are always the best options if looking for something sweet.


Enjoy your Halloween!



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