Cold weather calls for warm beverages.  Why not make your warm beverage a bonus to your health!  In the time it takes to wait in a Starbucks line you can make your own amazingly delicious and health boosting, anti-inflammatory beverage.




There are lots of options, just knowing there are many recipes out there “in the web” can possibly spark some who want a tried and true blend to give it a shot.  Just start typing ingredients and hot beverage and see what comes up.


Using well studied ingredients to create your beverages just makes sense.  Ginger and turmeric are incredible options to start with.


You can find many turmeric latte recipes as well as ginger teas.  Both can help immune function as well as digestion as well as pain from inflammation.  There are many areas in the body that these 2 roots support.  And…. when they taste amazing it makes it so much easier to have as a goto option.


Also in times of increased stress and maybe less than optimal sleep and health, look at adding in some hot beverages for support in balancing stress hormones.  One simple way is a tea called Tulsi Tea.  Also known as Holy Basil.  This herb is one of the most sacred plants in India and is considered the “Queen of the Herbs”.  It is known for it’s ability to help reduce stress and improve seep rhythms.  Win!


You can find these beverage building options, and so much more, at your local Quality Greens markets.


Next week’s blog will be on a family favourite fall/winter immune supporting broth that you can drink like a nice warm cup of comfort if cold or flu symptoms start in your home.


Have a great week!




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