The benefits of lemon water to overall health.


I’m still feeling like liver is a good topic these days, so I hope y’all are ok with a bit more liver support talk here.


When the seasons change, like we are moving in to fall this week, I was told by a very wise person, to use that as a reminder to spend a few weeks supporting your liver at those season changes.  


As you may recall in the past blogs, our liver is what sorts good nutrients from toxins, from every single bite we swallow or drink we consume.  It deals with storing the good things like nutrients, and it disarms the bad things, like toxins, so that they can leave the body without doing damage.  When this function is not working optimally, this sorting and processing is much less effective and we can feel and see those effects after time.


A very simple and full body benefit addition that you can make is to add a glass of lemon water to your morning routine.  Half a fresh squeezed lemon in a full glass of warm water first thing in the morning can make a huge difference to your health both inside and out.




Let me count the ways :).


Immune… First, lets talk about the immune factor.  Lemons have many nutrients but one of the main ones is vitamin C.  Vitamin C is like little army men (and women) fighting in your immune defence system.  Those anti-oxidants clean up free radicals to lessen damage to your healthy cells.  Additionally, if you have a sore throat, those nutrients can help sooth that irritating symptom and get you back on track faster.  There are numerous benefits to vitamin C, and those are just 2 of them!


Pain…  No one wants it, so let’s address it.  Since lemons contain electrolytes and one electrolyte is potassium, that nutrient helps to reduce muscle and joint pain.  Drinking more water in general will help with muscle and joint pain as well.  Also, those electrolytes will help you absorb that water better and hydrate your cells more easily.  Inflammation is also lessened by electrolytes and proper hydration.  Hydration helps with so many areas such as brain function, detoxification, skin issues, headaches, and can reduce wrinkles plus many other benefits!  Wonderful!


Digestion…  This is a big bonus benefit.  The basis of health really is in the power of digestion.  What you can breakdown and get out of the foods you eat is the centre of your health.  Lemon water helps to support your liver as well as stimulate digestive juices.  Start your day with this and you will likely notice a different in your ability to digest foods.  Some have also noticed improvement with less acid reflux (GERD), as well as indigestion by have lemon water before meals.


By squeezing one half a lemon each morning into a full room temperature glass of water and drink it before eating breakfast, you may notice a difference in areas such as the ones above.  Or maybe you see an improvement in areas you may not have noticed before - bonus!  I hope you get some benefit from it and feel even better than you do now.  Imagine feeling better than you do right now with something so simple.  


Have a great week!



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