The Diet Question


Do you feel like you may have some changes you’d like to make to the foods you eat? There really are so many different diets and food strategies, as well as opinions.  Which one is right for you?


If you have a thoughtful friend or family member suggesting you to try a certain diet because it did something helpful for them,  I have some info to share to help you decide what to do.


If you have certain health or lifestyle areas you are looking to change, and if someone has solved a similar problem with a specific diet, it can be something to consider, but there are so many other factors to what may be helpful for you.


Paying attention to how each food you eat makes you feel is very important.  Food should not hurt when it is consumed.  If it does that is a sign that something is not working quite right.


As an example, Keto is big right now.  And for some it is a definite better eating plan.  However, due to the specific digestive support needed for the higher fat, and low fibre, that type of eating may be a challenge for some to digest such a change.


That does not mean forever, as weak digestion can be improved so that it is more optimal to handle fat digestion and absorption. 


You would know if it was a problem if when you eat high fat foods, you may not feel well.  You may notice bowel changes.  There can be other signs and usually they are not pleasant so they will often cause you to decide to go back to what you were doing.  However, the original issue is still not solved.


Same idea with eating less, or more, of any macronutrient.  Carbs, proteins, and fats each have certain benefits, and they are different in terms of what is needed to digest them well, as well as what eating less or more of each causes for changes in our digestion.  There are also energy, mood and sleep reactions to food changes.


The key is listening to what food changes cause in how you feel.


I have mentioned this many times in the past, but keeping a food log that also indicates bowel, energy, mood, and sleep changes can help guide you to the right foods.  You can do an online search to find different types of free food logs that are simple ways to write down when and what you eat and drink, and how you feel along with bowel movements and sleep each day.  


And how foods feels can change over time, so learning to listen is very helpful for the long term to make adjustments as you go.


You can count on your local Quality Greens market to provide a huge assortment of quality and delicious local options of all macronutrients for a healthy diet that works for you.


Have a great week!



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