Think about this - How we eat is just as important as what we eat.


One way in how we eat refers to the time and space that we create.


There is wisdom in cultures that value regular slow and community group eating.  We likely have those types of meals a few times a week where we share food and time with others.  However, more often it is likely that taking time to eat and enjoy food is not easy to do.  We are work, schedules, places to go, etc.  Those times are more likely causing us to eat on the run, in the car, scarfing down what we can find.  Hard to enjoy those foods in that type of situation.  I know for me, that is not my best part of the day when it does happen.  But it gets the job done.    


However, finding ways, for each meal, to slow down is an important step for digestion and being able to gauge how we feel and when we are full.  This is key to only eating what we need to avoid weight gain as well as not over burden our digestive system.


Also the food choices we make, when we are in a rush, or really hungry and on the run, may not be the best choices so far as being healthy or what is individually most optimal for us.


Maybe you can related to what happens to me when I am in a rush?  I do not digest wheat very well.  However, many items that are most available and easy to purchase are wheat based.  So when I am not prepared or have not given myself enough time, my only option seems to be some sort of bread/wheat based item.  Then I do not feel great after.  I let my time crunch and hunger trump how I will feel after.  Decisions in those moments are not always the best, and then I say “Never Again”. 


So building some time and ways to lessen that not so optimal decision making can help limit not feeling great.


This is the difference between mindful eating and just consuming food.  The difference on many levels can be something that may not be fully understood until you try it.


Mindful eating involves really tasting and enjoying your food, and the environment you are in.  Being fully present.  No TV, no phone or other distractions.  Just you and your food and those who may be around you.  


The power of mindful eating in creating both improved digestion and the potential of more connection with friends and family, eating together in a way that makes moments in our lives special, is just one of those things that may be worth trying.  


Finding local and whole foods at your local Quality Greens Market is a step towards mindful eating.  Supporting local and creating food from real ingredients is half the process.  Call up some friends and make some meals to eat together and you have done a huge favour to your digestion and likely your mental health!


Have a great week!


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