In thinking about routines, especially for adults heading to college/university, or teachers or those with kids who are back to school in just over a week, I dedicate this week's blog.

September always feels like a “re-start” for me.  Even more so than January does, for some reason.  I love the newness of things when September comes, but it’s mixed with the loss of the most fabulous season of summer.  

My thoughts today are mostly about preparing for the gathering of people into large groups and the importance of the immune system in those situations.  It’s often noticed when kids go back to school the colds and flus show up again, as germs are spreading more easily.

What can one do? Using anti-bacterial soaps is not always the best option, unless there is no other option when you need to clean your hands.  The reason is that most commercial anti-bacterial products can affect your good bacteria as well, and we want to keep those good guys in abundance.  

The key is to support your immune system for the long haul to help you deal with the day-to-day germs and other invaders and pathogens.

How do we do that?  Here are 3 powerful ways:

  1. Sleep - At least 8 solid hours. This is where you get the rebuild and repair happening in all areas of your body, including the immune system.  
  2. Improve the good bacteria in your body - Take in and support your good bacteria to create an army that can’t be beat.  Eat fermented foods like traditional made sauerkraut and pickles, yogurt/kefir, apple cider vinegar. Eat fibre-rich foods to feed those bacteria and keep them thriving.  
  3. Reduce the bad bacteria in your body - limit or even avoid processed sugars and refined foods as those feed and give power to bad bacteria.  See if you notice a coincidence that after Halloween kids often show more illnesses.  

Have a great bacteria-building week!

Lisa Aschenbrenner, RHN - Registered Holistic Nutritionist 
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