This week, we continue to connect our foods to our blood sugar. This is such an important area for us to be aware of, as the result of too much sugar and it’s requirement for higher than optimal insulin release, can be problematic for mood issues, weight gain, cardiovascular challenges, inflammation, and so on.  

Regardless if you have a diabetes diagnosis or not, it helps to be mindful of our intake of sugars, as well as foods that result in sugar after digestion (grains, starchy veggies, fruits, etc). Obviously our most natural sugars are our best sources of sugars, but even healthy sweet foods can put us in the insulin trap.  

What is a sweet tooth person to do? First, moderation of sweets as well as starchy carbs. If you have heard some buzz about Ketogenic and Paleo diets and such, these are fairly intense ways of eating less sugar and sugar-resulting foods. The benefits of less sugar-resulting foods is likely the main reason people are interested in the effects of these diets, as it can help with some common health issues when we are taking in less sugars. However, you do not have to go so intense as those diets to reap the benefits of less sugars.  

How, then? Enjoying more healthy fats and proteins are hallmarks for those diets, but also focusing on carbs that are low insulin-impacting veggies, like all leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, zucchini, and most non-sweet tasting veggies are your main foods for the best benefits. 

Healthy fats and proteins include avocados, fish, coconut oils, unprocessed nuts and seeds (walnut, flax), olive oil, free range eggs and chickens, and grass fed beef.

The common experience is that when you reduce sugar-resulting foods and increase fats and protein and fibre, there is a reduction in sugary food cravings. 

Quality Greens has a huge assortment of locally grown healthy veggies and fruits to help you increase your plant and fibre intake as well as many of the healthy fats listed above. When we simplify our foods to whole foods it becomes easier to be aware of what we are eating and how it affects our health and increase areas like energy and mood. Who doesn’t want life a little more simple??

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