Well, Halloween has come and gone and like most holidays, there can be the temptation to consume foods/treats a little differently than we normally would.  Why are so many holidays based on chocolate?  Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s day, Christmas, and I’m sure the other ones can be considered reasons for treats as well.  The key is to not use a day (or 3) of indulging as a reason to fall off your health program.  Keep perspective of the ability to keep optimal foods and habits in place even if the intake of chocolate or other less than regular foods have invaded your daily food plan.  The sooner you get back into your proper eating pattern the better.  Also, don’t feel guilty for eating more than you know is good for you.  We all do it at some point - this is how we learn.  We indulge, we feel the effects and we move on.  As long as we go back to what we know feels right for us, we will counter act those treat side effects pretty quickly. 

Here are some ways to reduce the negative impacts of sweet treats:

1.) Quality - Choose a high quality “clean” source of chocolate (dark, less refined, etc).

 2.) Quantity - Being mindful when you do enjoy treats can be helpful to enjoy them longer, to their fullest extent.  Things like eating very slowly and really tasting and using all senses with those treats can help enjoy that feeling longer and extend the enjoyment. 

3) Avoid consuming treats on an empty stomach. Instead, enjoy your indulgences along with foods that have fibre or protein/fats to help buffer the blood sugar impact of those sweet treats.

Life is sweet - enjoy it!

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