What if we had a crystal ball to see what was going to happen in the future?  Would that be helpful or possibly problematic? 

Most often we want to be prepared so we can make decisions that are important for us long term.

Being proactive instead of reactive is a good plan in most areas of our lives.

When it comes to health, sometimes things happen where we don’t have much for visibility to make changes.  However, for some areas, we do know what gives us the best protection and support for ourselves.

Here are 6 main pillars that can make a difference and help us be proactive in our longevity and abilities to carry out our best life:

Clean water
Whole foods
Love and connection

If we can work on one or more of each of these areas in some small way, proactively, each day, we are setting up our best case scenario.  Sometimes things happen that we cannot control, but doing the best we can wth what we have just makes sense.

In the area of nutrition, as I have said many times, it is not about being perfect.  However, being aware of what we eat, and how we eat it, can make small steps towards health much more effective. 

A handful of veggies for a snack instead of chips one day, and a handful of nuts for a snack on another day.  Making a whole foods salad for lunch instead of eating out or drinking clean water instead of an afternoon coffee.  Those are 4 small ideas that could be a helpful proactive change in regular habits that may make a difference. 

What would your small ideas look like?

Maybe you are already doing those things.  If so, great, then maybe look at sleep or purpose and see if there is anything there that feels like it could use some attention.  For me it seems like I can usually find something I’d like to work on and feel better about so I use that as a guide to give some effort to.  It’s not about being perfect, just give it a little more attention and see what feels right.

You deserve the best life you can create.

Have a great week.


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