Your health matters and the food you eat is a big part of that….


The request line is open!  If you have an area you want to get nutrition suggestions on, please send me a note, at my [email protected] email, and I will aim to comment or address it in a QG blog.  


I am always curious to find out what is of interest to you QG readers.  I blog away on areas that I think may an area that someone would like to know more about, but it is always a big question in my head, “does anyone want this or something else??”


So, I am asking you nice folks for some input and let me know what is of importance to you in the world of food, nutrition, and health.  I will dig into my experience, resources, and education and see what I can provide.  As always, with most health concerns, make sure to see your personal health care provider if you are having issues that you feel are concerning.  A blog, even a good one, cannot replace the value of someone personally looking directly at you and your health concerns.


Where digital support, like this blog, can be helpful is motivation and inspiration as to how to use food to make improvements in general health and ways to make those changes easier.


I know I’ve repeated these main messages a number of times here in this space, but it is always worth repeating:


-Drink a good amount of water (1oz per 2 pounds of body weight).  Find ways to help you drink water by adding lemon or cucumber or strawberries to flavour the water, and use water bottles to fill up 2 litres worth at the beginning of the day to help guide you all day to drink your personal full amount.


-Consume as much plants as you can - veggies, fruits, nut, seeds, beans/legumes, and whole grains.  Finding and using crazy good recipes to help you enjoy and savour those whole foods, as well as having a great market to easily shop for and afford a huge assortment of plant foods. Quality Greens has the recipes and a huge variety of local and whole foods to help you make this happen in your busy life.


- Eat slow and mindfully to help digestion, as the food you eat is only as good as your ability to break it down and absorb it.


That’s the generally helpful information that works for most people.  However, I hope to hear from someone on a specific request, but if not, I will start next week with an area that many people are affected by but don’t know how much they can help themselves with what they are drinking and eating…… inflammation.


If you have pain, swelling, heat, and redness happening, you likely have some form of inflammation.  It could be external like a joint or skin, but it can also be internal, like in the gut, or brain, and so on.  It could be from a recent injury or it could be chronic, where there is no current injury, just the byproducts causing the symptoms.  


There is lots you can do to help with inflammation, the key is getting to the root cause, and you guessed it, what you eat and drink can be very much part of the problem or solution, depending on what you are consuming and other factors.  Stay tuned!



Have a great week!


Thank you,




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