Do you get food cravings?  


Are your cravings to foods that are beneficial or not so much?


Can you see a pattern to your cravings?


In the spring and summer we likely have very different differs cravings than in the fall or winter. 


Right now, the foods most naturally available, such as fruits and veggies, are foods that are cooler (if eaten raw) and more water filled, to help us through the heat and keep hydrated on dry and hot days.


However, right now maybe you find you also crave foods in the summer that are the more “fun” and “party” foods.  Chips, dips, sweet beverages, ice cream, BBQ, to name just a few.  


Trying to balance and re-train the not so optimal food cravings with better choices can be a chore.


Here are some suggestions….  When craving something cold and sweet, reaching for some frozen fruit bites can be a huge win.  Some examples are frozen watermelon chunks, frozen mango, pineapple, grapes, or frozen banana bites with nut butter on top and a drizzle of dark chocolate.  These can go a long way to satisfying a sweet tooth. 


For chips and dip, using roasted beets and feta with garlic and some olive oil as a blended dip for your raw cut up carrot “chips”, pea pods, or cucumber slices, can make a nice treat that is huge on flavour and nutrition.  


If craving pop, or something fizzy, or a wine, enjoying some kombucha in a nice glass can be a good alternative.


Also, one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (ACV) in a glass of iced water with a few drops of stevia is a nice refreshing beverage as well.  If you are craving sugars, having something more tart, and not sweet, like ACV can help to re-train and lessen those sugary cravings.


See if you can tell whether cravings come from being bored or tired or truly hungry.  This is a great step in stopping mindless eating, if you are wanting to understand eating habits and make changes.  


Often when we are tired, our brain determines that eating will help to get more energy to keep going.  That’s when will power and goals become a lost commodity.   Making sure you have enough sleep, and that you are well hydrated, can lessen the brain’s call for food.  Note that a common issue of lack of water can cause low energy.


Paying attention to signs and patterns become ways to solve challenges with eating foods you may want to reduce or avoid and instead increase beneficial ones.  


There are many nice swaps and adjustments you can search for, if you are looking for replacements or just to cut down on certain foods and drinks.


While we don’t want to always be stuck trying to be 100% perfect with our food choices, and that is not the goal here, doing some good swaps when it is easy goes a long ways to supporting health.  Find some great recipes and make those your defaults, and share with others, as best as you can.


Enjoy your week!






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