Digestion…  Something we don’t think about unless there is a problem.


Hippocrates, the ancient greek physician, almost 2500 years ago stated, “All diseases begin in the gut”.  There is a huge truth in that.  It seems too simple, but digestion is key to feeding your cells, and your cells are the building blocks of you.


Another famous quote, “You are what you eat”, is true as well.  It is actually the most accurate to say, “You are what you chew, digest, and absorb”.


So eating healthy nutrient packed whole foods is definitely the starting point.


Then it is important to chew, really well, so that those foods, once it hits our stomachs, can then be broken down into it’s smallest form so that it can travel through our blood, through our liver, and then delivered to our cells, in hopes that it will be shuttled through the cell membranes. 


If digestion is not strong, most of foods will not be broken down enough to make into our blood to get to our cells.  


Along with lack of absorption issues, there can also be pain, discomfort, gas, bloating, inflammation, poor sleep, and many other side effects.  


So what can be done?  


If the issues are problematic and causing concern, please see your doctor or health care professional to rule out challenges that need attention.  


Things you can try include digestion boosters, like drinking lemon water (1/2 fresh squeezed lemon in 1 cup of warm water) first thing in the morning.   Other digestion boosters, are ginger, like in ginger tea or adding ginger to your cooking.


Eating foods that are easy to digest, such as cooked veggies, blended homemade soups, limited artificially processed foods and limited sugary foods.  Seeing what works best for your digestion is helpful and focus on those foods for a week or so.  


Eating while not distracted with TV or devices is important.  Giving energy to digestion and not outward tasks.  


These are just a few simple ideas, as there are many things that can be done.  It really depends on what feels better for you.  Don’t give up, it is one of the most important things your health needs is digestion.


Your local Quality Greens market has whole foods, all of which that can be spectacular for digestion.


Have a great week.





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