Can you feel it?  I mean this past week, just the general feeling, plus the smells and sounds tell us we are ALMOST at that spring time part of our lives!!! Thank goodness!! It really hit me that it is here and it just feels so darned good to have that to look forward to.  


It’s not that I don’t like winter and snow and cold, but I am not very fond of those things, and lets face it, in Kelowna, we really have the best spring and summer, and early fall.  We seriously do rock summer time here!


So bring it on!  Bring on the local fresh veggies and fruit!  So many foods to add to our meals and snacks when they are local and fresh.  I know I eat so much better in the summer when there are more reasons to eat cooling foods, as opposed to warm, but still delicious, winter foods.  


So since it is easier to eat better, as in more veggies, and fruit, and water) in the spring and summer, I have some thoughts.…  We are also often doing more activities.  We tend to have and use more energy, and likely because of more daylight and inspiration, it feels like we have more time and motivation to do more.


So, let’s plan a bit!  Let’s plan to use all of those things in our favour to create a healthy “focus on me” spring and summer plan with meals and snacks for a top 10 list of healthy options that address our top 3 health challenges.


It’ll go something like this……


List out the top 3 things that you think about needing to focus on for your health and well being.


Maybe it is pain in a certain area of  your body - knees, head, lower back, etc.  Maybe it is low energy or not being able to sleep well.  Or could it be you want to lose weight or target some area that you feel just could be better.  


Whatever it is that you think about when you think of your health and making it better, write those TOP 3 things down (don’t worry about if you feel you have more than 3 - the beauty of health is that most things are linked, so when you improve 1 or 2 things, it can likely ripple effect to improve most other areas as well!).


So start you list of those 3 things and give some thought to “if I started to improve those areas today, what would my life look like?”.  What would I do with my body and my life, if those things were no longer an issue?”.  Start to really look at what if those were less or even gone.


Let’s see what making some changes to your diet can do to improve areas that you are struggling with.  


It is possible, it has been done countless times and people are happy to tell their stories.  This is the case even more so happening now.  There are incredible documentaries, see Netflix as an example, of life changes that diet has made.  Use those as your guidance and motivators.  It CAN be done, you just need to start.


Next week we will start on “Your Plan”.  For now think of your top 3 challenges and start to think about if you didn’t have those how would your life look.  Envision the best, as that is what you deserve!


Have a great week!



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